About us

We are in a nut-shell, 'travelers'. Not time travelers, though that would be cool. But we spend a lot of our time traveling because it's what we do. Whether we travel overseas or inside Sri Lanka, traveling for the sheer thrill of the adventure is in our blood. Not surprisingly we've also become excellent photographers - to try in some small measure to take what we have seen or experienced, back with us. Naturally this does not always work and so with The Travel Cafe what we wanted to do was to re-experience the joys of those great moments by sharing them with you. 


Now we know that whilst Arjuna may have experienced a moment of exhiliration by climbing all the way to the top of a mountain, you may not have the energy or inclination to do the same so we try to get you there at least part way by car. Shane may have waited the better part of a day (think 9 hours) for a single leopard cub to come out to feed but assuming you don't have that much patience, we try to get you the experience without the wait.


A key point about us is that we only recommend hotels, restaurants, excursions that we ourselves have tried. If we are asked about a place that we are not familiar with then, someone in the team heads out to evaluate first. We don't risk a holiday by recommending places we do not know. 


Additionally, our drivers and guides are professionals who speak English fluently, with a few in addition, speaking Arabic and Hindi. The testimonials from past visitors testify to their caring attitudes and safe driving.


All vehicles have been purchased brand new and are comprehensively insured. In addition, a 200+ point safety test, from an independent agency, is undertaken at regular intervals to ensure that each vehicle remains in topping condition.

Our Services

  • Itinerary planning,
  • Booking accommodation - hotels, villas, speciality bungalows, guest-houses,
  • Providing transport options - car, van, coach and other land arrangements,
  • Providing guides and professional drivers.
  • Local information


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Company Profile

The Travel Cafe is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies act, no. 7 of 2007 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The company number is PV91404. It is licensed under authority of the Sri Lanka tourism development authority where its registration number is SLTDA-SQA-TA-01690. The firm operates as a tour operator to Sri Lanka.

We strive to provide the best possible travel itineraries for your investment; with the least possible hassle.


The Travel Cafe Limited

Our Offices are located at:
85/23, Jawatte Gardens (Off Jawatte Road),
Sri Lanka 00500.

+94 11 4280620
+94 11 4280747

+94 711 004588

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Hours of Operation:
8.30am-10pm Daily (except Sunday)
Sri Lanka standard time GMT +5.30

During other times, we are reachable by telephone. Please call +94-11-4280747.


The Travel Cafe Private Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act no. 7, 2007 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as a Private Company.

Company number: PV 91404

The Travel Cafe Private Limited is registered as a Travel Agent in the Registrar of Travel Agents maintained by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

Registration number: SLTDA-SQA-TA-01690

The Travel Cafe Private Limited is licensed to carry on business as a Travel Agent.

License number: TA-2019-0063